Revolutionizing Medical Transportation with a Cutting-Edge Mobile Application Platform

2024 ASC Innovations Award

Amera Solutions is honored to announce its receipt of the esteemed 2024 ASC Innovations Award. This accolade is awarded annually to facilities that demonstrate exceptional innovation in their operations, contributing significantly to the advancement of healthcare services.

Amera Solutions has been recognized for its transformative approach to medical transportation services. Emulating the convenience and efficiency of popular ride-sharing models, Amera has developed a pioneering Mobile Application Platform that sets a new standard for patient transportation. By integrating advanced technology and the expertise of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) drivers, Amera offers a seamless and dependable transportation experience that meets the evolving needs of patients nationwide.

Amera Solutions Receives 2024 ASC Innovations Award

“We are incredibly proud to receive the 2024 ASC Innovations Award,” said Dr. Luz Elena Rivers-Amera’s CEO. “This recognition is a testament to our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance healthcare access and improve patient experiences. Our dedicated team of CNA drivers plays a crucial role in delivering safe and reliable transportation services, and we are excited to continue expanding our impact.”  The Mobile Application Platform by Amera Solutions empowers patients with an intuitive interface to book and track their rides, ensuring timely and stress-free access to medical appointments. The system’s integration of professional CNA drivers guarantees that patients receive not only transportation but also compassionate care during their journey.

How the Amera App Platform Works

The Amera Mobile Application Platform developed by Amera Solutions is designed with the user in mind. Patients can easily book rides through the app, which provides real-time tracking and updates. This level of transparency helps reduce anxiety and ensures that patients arrive at their medical appointments on time. Additionally, the platform’s integration with CNA drivers adds an extra layer of care and safety, setting it apart from traditional ride-sharing services.

Features of the Amera Mobile Application Platform

The platform includes several key features that enhance the user experience:

  • Request A Driver-It’s easy to request drivers, and CNAs in your area. The app even gives turn-by-turn directions to get you there.
  • Submit Documents-Want a faster, easier way to submit and upload documents? Upload and submit a photo or PDF at any time.
  • Estimate Your Costs-See what Amera charge for a medical transportation. You can compare on cost and quality.
  • Live Support Representative– Patients and facilities are provided with support in real time during transport

Impact on the Healthcare Industry

The ASC Innovations Award highlights the industry leaders who are pushing the boundaries of healthcare services through creativity and dedication. Amera Solutions joins a distinguished list of past recipients who have made significant contributions to the field.

Past ASC Innovations Award Winners

The award has recognized several innovative healthcare facilities over the years, including:

  • 2023 Dallas Endoscopy Center, Susan Cheek
  • 2022 Mann Eye Institute
  • 2021 North Texas Team Care
  • 2020 Memorial Hermann Memorial Village Surgery Center
  • 2019 Kelsey-Seybold ASC

Future of Medical Transportation

Amera Solutions’ innovative model is expected to serve as a blueprint for the future of medical transportation, promoting greater accessibility and efficiency in the healthcare sector. By continuing to leverage advanced technology and professional expertise, Amera aims to set new standards in patient care and transportation services.

In conclusion, the recognition of Amera Solutions with the 2024 ASC Innovations Award underscores the significant impact of their Mobile Application Platform on the healthcare industry. By providing a reliable, compassionate, and efficient transportation solution, Amera is revolutionizing the way patients access medical care and setting a new benchmark for the future.


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