LuzElena Rivers started Amera Solutions on the grassroots level with a desire to help her community.

About the CEO

Dr. LuzElena Rivers founded Amera Solutions from the ground up to assist her community. In 2010, she recognized the need for ambulatory outpatient transportation and decided to address it. Drawing from her own challenging experiences, Dr. Rivers developed a deep empathy for those who struggled to access necessary resources for themselves and their families. With her investment, she initially funded the establishment of Amera, which has now grown into a $10 million company.

Dr. Rivers, an International Speaker and the CEO of Amera Solutions has been instrumental in introducing the innovative concept of “Uber” for ambulatory medical transportation. Amera provides post-anesthesia patients with safe and dependable transportation by utilizing the services of nurses, as traditional rideshare options are not suitable for their needs. The company’s motto, “It’s not ride-sharing, it’s ride caring,” highlights its commitment to offering a crucial service to millions of Americans.

In 2022, Under the leadership of Dr. Rivers, the corporation launched the cutting-edge Amera App, enabling clients to conveniently access their services through a user-friendly smartphone application.

Dr. Rivers has garnered numerous accolades, including being recognized as a Top 10 Executive of the Year by LATINA Style Magazine in 2021 and receiving the 1000 Next award from Forbes. In 2022, the Houston Business Journal honored her as the “Most Admired CEO,” and three months later, she was named “Women Who Mean Business.” She was also honored as the Enterprising Woman of the Year and featured on the cover of a global magazine. In 2023, she received the “Entrepreneurial Woman of Impact” award from WPO, a global organization for women with revenues ranging from 3 million to 1 billion. She was included in the list of 100 Women to Know in America and her company made it to the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the US. Dr. Rivers’ inspiring story was featured on national broadcasts by Univision’s Despierta America similar to Good Morning America. In addition, she leads the Young Enterprising Women Mentoring Forum in Houston, Texas, focusing on promoting STEM careers in local high schools and raising funds for scholarships for young women. Dr. Rivers also participated in the Global Women’s Summit in Madrid, Spain to share insights on scaling your business. She is an alumna of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, the Stanford University LBAN Entrepreneurship Program, and the Harvard Business School program- WPO Leading Business and Personal Transitions.

Dr. Rivers is actively involved in several impactful organizations and is the founder and President of the nonprofit Rivers for Health Foundation (501c3). The NBA Houston Rockets acknowledged Amera’s contribution to a loyal fan with limited funds who required medical transportation services.

LuzElena Rivers

About the CEO

LuzElena Rivers started Amera Solutions on the grassroots level with a desire to help her community. In 2010 she identified a need for ambulatory outpatient transportation. From tough beginnings herself, Mrs. Rivers developed an affinity for those who lacked the resources to take care of themselves and their families. Mrs. Rivers self-funded the start of Amera, growing it to the $10 million company it is today.
As a recognized woman-owned Latino business with revenues over $1 million, Mrs. Rivers won a prestigious scholarship to Stanford University’s SLEI program followed by Goldman Sachs’ 10KSB program connecting thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide. In 2021 Mrs. Rivers was recognized by Forbes in their annual NEXT 1000 list, which celebrates entrepreneurial heroes.  Mrs. Rivers accredits Amera’s success in supporting her community and, in 2014, launched the Rivers for Health Foundation, a non-profit that financially supports medical services, health fairs, and educational scholarships. Aside from further expanding Amera, Mrs. Rivers looks to continue her work as a beacon of light to empower women entrepreneurs. 

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