The Importance of Ambulatory Day Surgery Transportation

Amera CNA

Amera offers a range of transportation options that cater to patients’ specific needs, allowing them to focus on their healing process rather than worrying about how to get to and from their medical appointments. In this blog post, we will explore the various transportation services available and highlight the significance of considering transport for outpatient […]

Transportation Services for Ambulatory Day Surgery: Convenient and Reliable Solutions

Efficient transportation services greatly enhance the overall patient experience in ambulatory day surgery.

Efficient transportation services are crucial for patients undergoing ambulatory day surgery. These services ensure that patients have convenient access to specialized medical facilities and contribute to enhancing patient care and satisfaction. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of ambulatory day surgery transportation and how it benefits patients. Seamless Integration of Patient Journey […]

Revolutionizing Patient Transportation: LuzElena Rivers, CEO of Amera, Meets BiVACOR’s Top Doctor and Discovers the Future of Artificial Hearts

LuzElena Rivers

Recently, LuzElena Rivers, the CEO of Amera, had the privilege of meeting one of BiVACOR’s top doctors, Dr. William Cohn. This meeting shed light on the incredible innovation and technology behind BiVACOR’s total artificial heart (TAH) and how Amera could revolutionize patient transportation nationwide. BiVACOR is a clinical-stage medical device company that specializes in developing […]

Effortless Day Surgery Transportation in Houston Texas

Amera offers reliable day surgery transportation services in Houston Texas. This service ensures that patients receive safe, comfortable, and timely transport before their procedure as well as after the operation.

Ensuring Comfort, Safety, and Timeliness with Amera Day surgery is a common practice in the healthcare industry nowadays, where people can undergo minor surgical procedures and go home on the same day. However, transportation to and from the hospital can be a hassle for many individuals. Luckily, Amera has come up with an excellent solution […]

Outpatient Transportation: An Essential Aspect of Modern Healthcare

Outpatient Transportation: An Essential Aspect of Modern Healthcare

As healthcare continues to evolve, an increasing number of patients are seeking medical care outside of traditional hospital settings. Outpatient care is becoming more and more popular, and as a result, reliable transportation to and from appointments is becoming essential. Fortunately, there are numerous options available to patients who require safe and comfortable travel to […]

Providing Safe and Reliable Patient Transportation Services

Transportation to Medical Appointments

Regarding patient transportation, it’s essential to have a reliable and safe mode of transport. Amera®provides transportation to medical appointments, pharmacies, clinical trials, and non-emergency medical transportation services. They aim to provide the best possible transportation experience for their patients. Amera® has a network of certified nurse assistants (CNAs) throughout the country who are always ready […]

Outpatient Medical Transportation for Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Outpatient Medical Transportation for Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Outpatient medical transportation is a critical aspect of modern healthcare, ensuring that patients can easily access necessary medical procedures and treatments. One area where outpatient care has made a significant impact is in the prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer. According to recent data, AMSURG, a division of Envision Healthcare and a national leader […]

The Omicron Tsunami

COVID hospitalizations in New Jersey continued to rise dramatically on New Year’s Eve, reaching 4,005, the largest daily total since the pandemic’s initial surge in May 2020. While Amera-the #1 Ambulatory Day Surgery Transportation Agency nationwide prepares to strengthen its patient transport services across this new year 2022. Two hundred ninety-seven of those admitted to […]

Clinical Trials: A Medical Professional’s Guide

What is a Clinical Trial? Clinical trials are research studies that use humans to test novel medical treatments or procedures. An experiment is used to develop drugs, technologies, and other goods to determine whether or not they are safe and effective. Today’s medical research would not be possible without the use of clinical trials. Companies […]