Revolutionizing Patient Transportation: LuzElena Rivers, CEO of Amera, Meets BiVACOR’s Top Doctor and Discovers the Future of Artificial Hearts

LuzElena Rivers

Recently, LuzElena Rivers, the CEO of Amera, had the privilege of meeting one of BiVACOR’s top doctors, Dr. William Cohn. This meeting shed light on the incredible innovation and technology behind BiVACOR’s total artificial heart (TAH) and how Amera could revolutionize patient transportation nationwide.

BiVACOR is a clinical-stage medical device company that specializes in developing TAHs. Their latest creation, the BiVACOR Total Artificial Heart (BTAH), has received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration to commence an investigational device exemption for the first-in-human Early Feasibility Study.

What makes the BTAH unique is its design as a long-term therapy dedicated to patients with severe biventricular heart failure. Unlike previous artificial hearts, which were often bulky and difficult to implant in smaller individuals such as women or children, this TAH is small enough to be implanted in many women and some children while still providing enough cardiac output for adult males during exercise.

The secret lies in its rotary blood pump technology, which utilizes magnetic levitation similar to high-speed trains. The TAH consists of left and right vanes positioned on a common rotor with a magnetically suspended double-sided centrifugal impeller as its only moving part. By rapidly cycling the rotational speed of the impeller, pulsatile outflow can be created without using valves or flexing ventricle chambers.

This innovative design not only minimizes potential blood trauma but also eliminates the mechanical wear typically associated with traditional artificial hearts. As a result, patients can enjoy a durable, reliable, and biocompatible heart replacement that greatly improves their quality of life.

BiVACOR was founded in 2008 by an exceptional team of internationally renowned biomedical engineers and cardiac surgeons led by Founder Daniel Timms, Ph.D., who serves as Chief Technical Officer alongside Chief Medical Officer Dr. William Cohn. With locations in California, Texas, and Australia, BiVACOR has built a strong collaborative network spanning across the globe.

Their team consists of world-class engineers, medical specialists, and business executives who are dedicated to advancing this groundbreaking technology. Collaboration is at the core of BiVACOR’s culture, as they recognize the importance of working together to achieve their goals.

Amera recognizes the potential impact that BiVACOR’s TAH could have on patient transportation nationwide. By providing heart failure patients with a reliable and biocompatible heart replacement, they can travel long distances without worry or fear that their health will be compromised during transit.

The discussion between LuzElena Rivers and Dr. William Cohn revolves around charting our course as industry leaders for the next decade. Amera is poised for a significant advancement with the introduction of the AMERA mobile app, specifically tailored for outpatient transportation services. The integration of augmented reality (AR) technology is set to revolutionize outpatient medical transportation, offering real-time navigation and route guidance. This ensures that drivers can opt for the quickest and safest routes to reach medical facilities efficiently.

This forward-thinking initiative aligns seamlessly with groundbreaking medical technologies like BiVACOR’s Total Artificial Heart (TAH). As the CEO of Amera, LuzElena Rivers comprehends the paramount importance of investing in state-of-the-art healthcare solutions. Such investments not only advance patient outcomes but also contribute to an overall enhancement in the quality of life. This strategic vision positions Amera at the forefront of the industry, ready to embrace innovation and technological advancements for the betterment of healthcare services.

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LuzElena Rivers

Started Amera Solutions on the grassroots level with a desire to help her community. In 2010 she identified a need for ambulatory outpatient transportation. From tough beginnings herself, Mrs. Rivers developed an affinity for those who lacked the resources to take care of themselves and their families. Mrs. Rivers self-funded the start of Amera, growing it to the $10 million company it is today.

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