Amera, where day surgery caregiver drivers truly care!

Amera, where day surgery caregiver drivers truly care

Are you in search of a patient transport service that goes above and beyond the standard ride-sharing experience? Look no further—choose Amera for a journey marked by genuine care, nationwide expertise, and unparalleled convenience.   Why Choose Amera? 1. Personalized Care: Work with a real LIVE representative who genuinely cares about your well-being. 2. Medical […]

Medical Transportation For Outpatient Surgery

medical transportation for outpatient surgery

Navigating the Path to medical transportation for outpatient surgery:The Essential Role of Medical Transportation in Ensuring a Smooth Patient Experience Outpatient surgery has revolutionized healthcare by offering patients convenience and cost-effectiveness without the need for overnight hospital stays. This incredible advancement is made possible not only by advancements in surgical techniques and technology but also […]

Outpatient Medical Transportation: The Amera Difference in Houston, Texas

outpatient medical transportation in Houston

In the realm of outpatient surgery, the absolute priority is to guarantee an experience for patients that is not only seamless and comfortable but also imbued with a sense of utmost care and consideration. From the meticulous preparations leading up to surgery to the attentive post-operative support, every facet of this medical journey should be […]

Outpatient Surgery Transportation in Texas

Outpatient Surgery Transportation in Texas

The Amera Way Outpatient surgery transportation in Texas has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. With advancements in medical procedures, patients can now receive necessary surgeries without the need for an overnight hospital stay. This shift towards outpatient care offers increased convenience and cost-effectiveness for patients. However, the logistical challenges associated with post-surgery care […]

Elevating Patient Care: The Essential Role of Ambulatory Day Surgery Transportation

ambulatory day surgery transportation

  The surge in popularity of day surgeries, driven by an increasing number of outpatient procedures, has created a heightened demand for ambulatory day surgery transportation services. This article aims to shed light on the reasons behind this growing demand and demonstrate how these services are effectively meeting the needs of both patients and healthcare […]

Outpatient Transportation: An Essential Aspect of Modern Healthcare

Outpatient Transportation: An Essential Aspect of Modern Healthcare

As healthcare continues to evolve, an increasing number of patients are seeking medical care outside of traditional hospital settings. Outpatient care is becoming more and more popular, and as a result, reliable transportation to and from appointments is becoming essential. Fortunately, there are numerous options available to patients who require safe and comfortable travel to […]

Lack Of Capital For Women-Owned Businesses by Amera’s CEO

Lack Of Capital For Women-Owned Businesses

“Lack Of Capital For Women-Owned Businesses“ After being rejected by many banks, Elena Rivers, born in Colombia, took the risk of self-funding her company, AMERA Solutions. The company, which provides countywide transportation services for ambulatory medical treatments for as little as $15, is now valued at $12 million, with sales forecasted to be $4 million […]

Getting back to normal in Covid world

Getting back to normal in Covid world

According to Billgates, ‘The end will come’: Bill Gates is still hopeful the world will be ‘back to normal’ by end of 2022. Is it even possible to go “back to normal”? This is the question that arose for me after reading several articles online. For me, it is making me nervous because normal can […]

The Omicron Tsunami

COVID hospitalizations in New Jersey continued to rise dramatically on New Year’s Eve, reaching 4,005, the largest daily total since the pandemic’s initial surge in May 2020. While Amera-the #1 Ambulatory Day Surgery Transportation Agency nationwide prepares to strengthen its patient transport services across this new year 2022. Two hundred ninety-seven of those admitted to […]