The Complete Guide to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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What is the Issue with Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

The most common mode of non-emergency medical transportation is known as ambulatory transportation(sedan service). It is designed for patients who do not require specialized transportation and can walk independently or only need essential assistance. During this time of the pandemic, several providers are willing to assist patients with their medical checkups.

However, using ambulatory transportation benefits presented many difficulties for beneficiaries, one of which was the inadequacy of provider networks, which resulted in late pickups, overscheduling, and a lack of transportation availability. 

“I am a mother of a child on the autism spectrum. My family depends on NEMT’s to help with his care. I have many concerns about our ability to find a new provider should we have to transition from our current one.”

Selecting the most appropriate long- or short-distance medical transportation service to transport your loved one safely to and from a medical appointment takes time and effort, especially if you’re doing it for the first time in this situation.

AMERA comes in to assist you in selecting a non-emergency medical transport company that best meets your requirements.

 All their CNAs nationwide are readily available to assist every patient who requires a day surgery operation, whether a doctor’s visit, a primary medical transfer, or running medical errands around the neighborhood.

AMERA is committed to bridging the gap between the difficulty of obtaining dependable ambulatory transportation services and the elimination of missed appointments and inadequate illness treatment and is committed to ensuring that medical care is easily accessible to patients.

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The reason Amera is the ideal choice for convenience, safety, and comfortable outpatient transportations services?

1)Designed for outpatient surgical patients– The program, driver training, availability, scheduling, and more are all designed around giving day surgery patients the exact care they need, namely signing them out and transportation back to their place of recovery, home.

2)Meets surgical center transportation requirements– Surgery centers will not allow ridesharing options for medical transportation. Amera drivers are CNAs and are permitted to sign outpatients.

3)Extensive network of drivers and areas served. Amera has a vast network throughout the country to help you and family members away from you and those whom you’d like to ensure safe transportation after outpatient surgery.

When compared to missed appointments and same-day surgery, paying for patient transportation makes sense. 

Our service is meant to provide compassionate and safe non-emergency transportation. If you believe your patients and your business might benefit from this service, we would be happy to discuss possible partnerships.

Why Choose Amera?

  • Not an app! – Work with an actual LIVE representative who cares
  • The team at Amera are nationwide experts in Medical Transportation Coordination
  • Because Amera knows every detail is crucial
  • Amera offers convenient Scheduling & Booking
  • Strong follow-up and post-ride survey to be sure everything was perfect
  • Drivers/CNAs communicate with the nurse’s station on timing and discharge
  • Tailored service that meets our clients’ special needs

“The journey to a healthier and happier you starts when you rely on and trust in Amera.”

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