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Amera Solutions was founded by LuzElena Rivers out of a desire to give back to her community. She identified ambulatory outpatient transportation as a gap in 2010 and set out to fill it. Having come from humble beginnings, Mrs. Rivers has a special affection for those who are unable to provide for their families.

Amera was founded by Mrs. Rivers with her own money, and she grew it to a $10 million business. Mrs. Rivers was nominated to Forbes’ annual NEXT 1000 list in 2021, which celebrates entrepreneurial heroes. Mrs. Rivers credits Amera’s success in supporting her community to her 2014 founding of the Rivers for Health Foundation, a non-profit organization that finances medical services, health fairs, and educational scholarships. Mrs. Rivers hopes to expand Amera while continuing to serve as a beacon of light for women entrepreneurs.

Medical Transportation: Everything You Need to Know and Why It’s Important for Your Practice 

The Importance of Medical Transportation in the Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, medical transportation is essential. It’s commonly utilized for patient transport, organ transport, and inter-hospital transfers, among other things. The significance of medical transportation in the healthcare industry is discussed in this section. Medical transportation is an essential part of the patient care chain. It allows patients to travel to and from hospitals or clinics for treatment, surgeries, consultations, testing, follow-ups, or appointments. It saves patients’ time and effort by reducing the number of times they must travel to hospitals or medical facilities. Second, it can significantly reduce the high costs of healthcare services for patients who require various forms of therapy. Thirdly, it ensures that proper preventative care is offered to avoid diseases or accidents requiring hospitalization. Finally, it alleviates patient stress by lowering the frequency they must attend hospitals or medical facilities.

The Basics of Getting the Most Out of Using a Professional Ambulatory Transportation Service

With medical transport, you can rest easy knowing that your patient is being transported in the safest manner possible. A medical transport service’s certified nursing assistants are well-versed in this field. These nurses are very skilled and know what steps to take to ensure that the patient arrives safely at their destination. You must keep these things in mind to ensure a safe and effective transfer: · The state must license, certify, and permit a medical transport agency. · There should be enough training and skills in dealing with a variety of people with various physical demands for the personnel of the medical transport service firm. · In addition to wheelchair accessibility, the ambulance should also provide regular services for impaired people. · Should load wheelchairs, stretchers, and other patient equipment quickly on flatbeds or ramps for ground transportation. The Advantages of Making a Pharmacy Stop During Medical Transportation The medical industry’s newest innovation, Pharmacy Stop for medical transportation, is growing in popularity. By doing so, patients can have surgery and then go straight to a pharmacy to pick up the prescription their procedure requires. Amera Banner      

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Started Amera Solutions on the grassroots level with a desire to help her community. In 2010 she identified a need for ambulatory outpatient transportation. From tough beginnings herself, Mrs. Rivers developed an affinity for those who lacked the resources to take care of themselves and their families. Mrs. Rivers self-funded the start of Amera, growing it to the $10 million company it is today.

'To offer innovative health solutions to our local, national and international clients, one transport at a time.'
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